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Hi, I'm Cara

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My Story

My story starts about 14 years ago as a single mom that was desperate to stay home with my brand-new baby girl. It was, however, not the time of the work from home boom that we have seen since 2020, so my best hope was in a work-life balance that allowed me more time at home than your average 9-5.  I originally leaned into my love of all things health and fitness, and started working toward a career as a personal trainer. I got the NASM certification, I landed the job, and then came to the sad realization that I needed money for a sitter to be in the gym, and I needed to be in the gym to have money for the sitter. It was a dilemma that I was unable to work around at the time. Thankfully, my mentor in this process had suggested that I work for my degree in Psychology, and that turned out to be my saving grace. 

I started my career in mental health in 2014 and loved every second of it. I was working in the local school district, so I had all the same days off as my daughter, and it was as close to being a stay home mom as I could be, without actually getting to stay home. Being what public school is, the money was not great, and the cost of living eventually pushed me into a second job, and that hard won work-life balance was gone. 

It was at this point that I found coaching. I was intrigued, and inspired, and decided to dive in. I loved it. All of it. In the last 6 years I have been a weight loss coach, health coach, and mental health coach, and this is a career that feels like home to me. I have since finished my Master’s Degree in Psychology, became a certified life and health coach, and a certified CBT practitioner. I love helping people from all walks of life, no matter what challenges they face. Everything is easier when you are not alone, and it’s my absolute pleasure to get to be that someone to come alongside others to help through those difficult times. 

Next Steps:

Book a call to learn more about the limiting beliefs that hold you back, ways you self sabotage, how stress affects your desired results, and what we can do about it! 

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