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Ditch The Diet and Lose The Weight

Join the Stress Free, Healthy Me Team
and become your own health expert and embrace a healthy lifestyle that lasts! 

Embark on a 24 week journey to truly change your healthy habits and lose the weight FOR GOOD!

Next Program Runs

March 7th - September 12th
Bi-Weekly coaching calls every Monday* at 7PM EST


24/7 replays will be available for your convenience!
*We don't meet on holiday's

This is the program I’ve been dreaming of building! It is the ultimate package that will set you up for inevitable success taking your health to the next level!



The Stress Free, Healthy Me Team sets you up to be healthy without the stress (thus the name 😜) FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS!

Expert Guidance

Team Support




Watch Me

I've tried everything....How is this different?


Is this for me?

Do you struggle to find the motivation to follow through on your goals? Have you tried everything and still not seen the results you want? Would you love to feel empowered about your health without having to think about it?…


Don’t worry, you’re at the right place. I’ve spent the last several years designing this program for people in your exact situation.  

By joining this group, not only will you have a plan to ignite your motivation, you will know what to do daily to achieve your goals, including:  


  • Uplevel your mindset while being gently guided through a proven process  

  • Discover which foods and lifestyle habits sap your energy and replace them with ones that work better!

  • Learn how to reframe your thought process to make following through just a natural part of who you are 

  • Create a new and permanent relationship with food that works

  • Establish a step-by step plan to ignite your motivation making your success inevitable. 

  • Flourish with your TEAM as you learn with others like you to obtain your highest energy vibrations 

  • Deepen your trust and reach a higher experience of accountability and continuous support with your TEAM

  • Identify the key habits necessary for you to be your healthiest self without having to worry about it 

  • Enjoy stepping into a new healthy version of you!

What Is Included?

12 Pre-Recorded 45 Minute Coaching Lessons

12 Pre-Recorded 45 Minute Coaching Lessons 

Detailed recorded coaching lessons to arm you with the necessary information to think about food differently.  

24 Workouts Recorded To Fit Your Schedule

24 Recorded Workouts


Lifetime access to recorded workouts you can use when it works for your schedule. Meet you and your body exactly where you’re at and reconnect you with how empowering movement can feel.

12 Bi-Weekly


Group Sessions

12 Bi-Weekly


Team Sessions


In these powerful group sessions, we will introduce new content, celebrate your progress, help you break through any roadblocks you may encounter, and make sure you’re clear on your perfect next steps.

Pre-Made Worksheets




These worksheets help you work through behavioral patterns that keep you stuck and jumpstart you into action.



Welcome Party

To get to know the team, know what to expect, lay out the weekly structure, learn your responsibilities, where to seek support and set you up for success for the whole program

Post-Session  Reflection



Reflection Forms


Knowledge without application doesn't breed results. Lock in the learning and clarify the key takeaways by reflecting about information learned and how YOU can apply it to YOUR life.









Change the game with these personalized individual calls to work through obstacles and take your health to the next level

Additional Resources To Make Success Inevitable

Additional Resources


Based on exactly where you are in your journey, I’ll offer additional resources to support you.  These may include podcasts, blogs and more. I provide whatever is needed to make success inevitable.

Action-Oriented Plan

Action-Oriented  Plan


Get a health plan that fit YOU and YOUR lifestyle. Know EXACTLY what you need to do to be happy and healthy.

Lifetime Access

to Facebook Group Stress -Free, Healthy Me Team

Lifetime access to Facebook Group Stress-Free, Healthy Me Team


Change without support and accountability is an uphill battle. Get solutions and celebrate with your new team along your journey. It's a safe space to share obstacles and successes.  With this facebook group you become part of a community.

Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited Email Support


Whether you have a quick question or need guidance around an obstacle you will have 24/7 access to your expert coach. Don't stress about what to do, ask the expert!

Hear What My Clients Have To Say

Working with Laura has been a privilege and an honor. I have learned so much about myself and grown in many ways.  Laura provided a timeless foundation of skills to help navigate a busy work and family life.  More importantly, she has shown me the importance of goal setting and loving myself.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Change by Challenge programing and skills.  Laura is extremely knowledgeable and would be an asset to any individual or organization. I can honestly say without her passion and work ethic I wouldn’t be who I am today, and I really like who I am. This program changed my life!

Gina Tate

Laura Weiner-Kiser has been a key player in my health and fitness journey since 2014. She is relatable, knowledgeable, honest and works with you as a whole person (physical, nutritional and psychological). She is encouraging, supportive and I can honestly say that her health coaching program has changed my life forever. I thought I knew what I needed to do to lose weight and be “healthy”. The resources, guidance and encouragement I have received through her program has been eye opening. If you are ready to finally take control of your mind, body and soul, try her program! You won’t regret it. I am confident in saying that I would not be the same person I am today without knowing her. Laura isn’t just a health coach or personal trainer; she is an invaluable resource and tool one is lucky to have in their tool box.

Dana Farrell

Laura is the best! If you haven't met her, you'll think it's an overstatement. However, everyone who's had her as a trainer and/or a coach will definitely agree. I was hesitant about taking this type of class. I'm not a life/health coach kind of person. I find these types of programs a little too "woo woo" for me. Laura made this class a lot of fun, even when talking about tough subjects. All the steps she gave were easily attainable though implementation was sometimes harder. Old habits are hard to break. This class has transformed the way I eat, think and live. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels like they need a change in their life and a kick in the butt. Personally, I need to be held accountable and the funny thing is, after a while, I just started doing the steps because I wanted to! The fact that Laura was going to hold me accountable didn't even cross my mind. I just started doing things that benefitted me mentally and physically. I don't know where I would be without her class--I mean, probably still "trying" to eat healthy and judging myself for not doing it. There is a lot less judgment and a lot more self love happening in my life and for that, I will be forever grateful. Bottom line- Take the class. Change your life.

Ilse Zacharias

I thought I was joining a program about nutrition and physical health but it was so much more. I understand how connected my physical and mental health are and what kind of introspective work it takes to make the kind of progress I'm looking for. I'm grateful to Laura for sharing all of the information vulnerably and generously and I would do it again. Fully worth it!

Lindsey Tyler


The purpose of this course is to give you a new foundation of food that will aid your digestive system, ultimately causing you to eat less. As you develop the foundation, we will work through your mindset to help you stop making those self sabotaging choices. Let's jump on a call to make sure this is right for you and I can answer any question you may have. 

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