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Creating Confidence

Join Creating Confidence to banish your inner bully while strengthening your conviction to make empowered choices!

Get the ball rolling and add compassion & understanding to help you grow. Through that knowledge be prepared to take decisive action with self-trust! 



Is this for me?

Do you constantly second guess yourself? Always gathering opinions of others because you don’t trust yourself to make the “right” choice? Are you always worried about what others are thinking of you? Do you have a harsh inner bully? If you answered yes to any of those then this course IS for you.


As children we are taught conditional love. Our parents might love us unconditionally, but through their attempts at shaping us and helping us understand the world we learn what is and what isn’t ok. We interpret praise as love and start to behave in alignment to receive praise/love. That is not a model to cultivate confidence. 


This course is an opportunity to change that. To get to know yourself authentically WITHOUT the influence or judgment of others. It will shower you with insights about who you are and how to enhance and strengthen parts of you that you struggle with or doubt. Empowering you to live on your terms and make choices with confidence.


The course will change you in all the right ways!

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What You Will Learn

Lesson 1

What To Expect

This lesson lays the foundation for the rest of the course. It will prepare you for what to come in terms of time commitment, accountability (yes that is included) and how to apply your learnings to everyday life. Going even further, you'll gain clarity into the process of HOW to create confidence.

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Lesson 2

The Confidence Wheel

  • Find clarity in what true confidence really is and how it is experienced

  • Discover the 8 components that create a sense of wholeness 

  • Gain awareness about your strengths and your weaknesses and what within yourself needs attention to boost your confidence

  • Understand how your self concept holds you back and what to do about it 

  • See direction and the impact confidence plays on your life 

Lesson 3

Who Are You Authentically

  • Confidence starts at knowing yourself, ALL of yourself

  • Learn how to decipher between your authentic self and the self others told you about that you adopted

  • Find peace in your humanity and understanding of where you shine and where you need support

  • Identify your protectors that cause self sabotaging behaviors

  • Strengthen your ability to navigate when you're being authentic vs when you're protecting


Lesson 4

Personal Inventory

  • Take a birds eye view and assess yourself as a human being 

  • Find insights into the motivations and insecurities that bury themselves deep down but ultimately cause unhelpful action

  • Practice appreciation for ALL parts of you, and learn to show compassion for the parts that might not be as helpful anymore

  • Find clarity in what true acceptance is and the role it plays in the foundation of your confidence

  • Get curious about your sense of worth, how you perceive it and if you're out sourcing it

Lesson 5


After completing the first 4 lessons you will be given a whole new way to look at yourself and feel more connected within. It'll transform where you make decisions from and what you tolerate. Helping you release destructive patterns while cultivating authentic behaviors. However, you've been being you for some time, so I wanted to make sure you understood how to CONTINUE moving forward.


Let's Get Down To Business


  • 5 pre-recorded lesson videos that breaks down the fundamentals of confidence

  • Each creating confidence session introduces a new content, celebrates your progress, helps you break through roadblocks, and gives you clear next steps

  • Sessions provide a sense of coaching, support and accountability which will give you what you need to find lasting change

  • Post-session you'll receive personalized accountability to lock in the learning and clarify the key takeaways

  • Weekly reminders to help you stay on track

  • 24/7 email support to make success inevitable

ALL that for only $25

What My Clients Have To Say

Laura has been incredible. I have been meeting with her for a few months now. When I started I was struggling with my relationship with food and my health but I didn’t even realize how much I was struggling mentally. Laura has helped me understand myself and my feelings, my struggles, my strengths, all of me, better than I ever have in my life. She is kind and understanding but she also challenges you when you need it. What I really love is how she focuses on all aspects of health, she doesn’t just push diet and exercise. Because of her guidance, I’m now craving healthier, balanced foods, but I’m also processing my emotions and not spiraling when mistakes happen. I honestly couldn’t recommend Laura more. If you’re truly ready to change and grow, Laura will be there to support and guide you. She’s amazing and I’m so thankful for her.

- Larissa   

Laura is wonderful! I have been working with her for almost a year now. I found Laura through a friend, who also uses her services, when i was struggling to lose weight and was developing a very negative relationship to my body. She helped me work through that and has also helped me work on my mental health over all. I always look forward to our sessions. She is always supportive, never judgmental and she works with you to find a solution that works for you. I can not recommend Laura enough!

    - Paula   

I have been working with Laura now for almost 4 years and can honestly say that with her help I have not only been able to grow physically but emotionally and mentally as well. Her knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm for fitness, health and overall happiness is inspiring. Laura is an amazing personal trainer and coach; always pushing you to be better and holding you accountable so that you can achieve your goals. Her compassion for people also makes her a great listener. She’s not only my trainer and coach (and my unpaid therapist) but she has become a friend. If you are looking for a coach or trainer who will push you to always be better, Laura is the coach for you!



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