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Personal Training

Remember when recess used to be your favorite class in school? I like to think of working out like recess...for adults! When you work out with me, you can expect a variety of exercises that will give you a better understanding of how your body works so you can lose weight - all while having fun!

BUT THERE'S MORE! Because I'm also a Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach, I understand the in's and out's of the body. You won't just learn how to move your body efficiently, but you will gain extensive nutritional knowledge as a well as a deeper understanding about how our hormones influence our cravings and results! 

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Pricing Packages That Fit Your Lifestyle

A variety of options to benefit your budget.


1-on -1 In-Home Training

60 min = $100 

30 min = $50 

4 Sessions

(60-minutes each) = $350

4 Sessions

(30-minutes each) = $175


Virtual Training 

60 min = $85

30 min = $45

4 Sessions

(60-minutes each) = $300

4 Sessions

(30-minutes each) = $160


Exercise Videos

3-5 videos

(One circuit) = $30

3-5 videos

(Four circuits) = $100

A stronger you is one click away!

Change By Challenge

Learn more about what I have to offer.

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The Real Deal 

If you are SERIOUS about getting results, this is the package for you 

What's included: 


  • 10 minute warm up to improve blood flow and loosen the body 

  • 60-Minutes of hands on training

  • Interval circuits proven to increase cardiovascular endurance and create lean muscle 

  • Variety of exercises to grow your exercise library 

  • Corrective exercises to balance your body and reduce the risk of injury 

  • 10 minute cool-down to improve mobility and flexibility 


  • Pre- Recorded Coaching Material to watch before training 

  • 30-Minutes of coaching to help break conditioned thinking patterns that keep you stuck 

  • Done for you handouts to support your transformation 

  • Step-by-step action plan to build upon week after week 

  • A tool-kit built to help break you out of broken habits

  • Unlimited email support 


  • Deep understand of how to eat that works with your internal digestive system

  • Learn what balance of carbs, fat and protein create your nutritional balance that breed the results you want

  • Handouts with supportive nutritional content 

  • Discover how to build your plate to consume the right amount of calories 

  • Discover which foods make your energy thrive 

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