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Get To Know The REAL You

Are the "shoulds" running your life? 

Do you seek constant approval/validation?

Do you please others before even knowing what you want? 

Do you often feel unseen, unimportant or irrelevant? 

Do you take responsibility for how others feel?

Do you have a harsh inner bully?

If this is you, then this course is for YOU! It's time to take back authority over your own life and grant yourself permission to be YOU. That starts by gaining clarity with who you are to begin with. This course will take you on an adventure to weed through the stories of the past and see them for what they really are.... the perception of others. This course gives you the clarity about who you truly are on the inside. Get to know you like you've never known you before. Heal old wounds, and get rid of that inner bully that keeps you trapped. By the end, you will walk away with a whole new relationship with yourself. one that acknowledges all of who you are with love, acceptance and peace!


Sound Like You? 

How Does Confidence Affect Your Health?

Confidence speaks to your trust within your own ability, and thus affects ALL elements of your health 

Improves Physical Health

Optimizes YOUR Social Balance

Enhances Healthy Eating

Improves Emotional Processing

Improves Energy

Improves Self Talk 

Decreases Stress & Anxiety

Enhances Relationships

Enhances Resilience

Decreases Experience Of Fear


Who You'll Be

Instead of caring what people think 

Instead of trying to be perfect and prove yourself 

Instead of trying escaping,avoiding or numbing yourself from the world

Instead of letting fear haunt you and limit your life

Instead of feeling unworthy or not enough

Instead of feeling anxious & trying to control your world

Instead of comparing yourself to others

Instead of measuring your value by your productivity

Instead of constantly feeling exhausted

Instead of living in a constant state of anxiety 

Instead of doubting yourself and letting the "shoulds" drive your decisions

Instead of trying to always be cool 

You'll know how you feel, what you think who you are authentically

You'll have confidence in who you are AND in your ability to handle whatever comes your way

You'll have faith in your resilience & the tools to process the uncomfortable emotional data & use the awareness to empower you forward

You'll know how to decode fear and protect whatever feels threatened, restoring the power within

You'll be able to appreciate who you are and live in an abundance mindset

You'll be able to trust yourself to manage your life authentically AND control how your emotions affect you 

You'll celebrate difference having confidence that how you feel is what matters

You'll restore your worth within & savor the authentic balance you create that makes your life feel full

You'll feel empowered knowing how to stabilize your daily energy

You'll know how to interpret the signal to restore inner peace & learn to enjoy calmness

You'll be acting in alignment with your values and know how to confidently trust your instinct 

You'll reconnect with your inner child & enjoy you silly side enhancing the laughter in your life

What You Will Learn


All our lives we're told narratives about who we are, but aren't really true. Who YOU are can only be decided by you. Our state of being is summarized by our thoughts, feelings, and actions. In this lesson, you learn to get to know yourself and start to understand the REAL you! 


We are programmed to believe certain things about how the world works, including our role in it. You have hidden expectations under our conscious awareness which create pressure and a sense of doubt about who you are. Through this lesson, you will redefine your own expectations so you can live with intention.



Stories are how our brain makes sense of the world. But our stories aren't facts. When we buy into our stories and listen to our inner bully, we are beating ourselves up from the inside out. In this lesson learn how to reverse engineer your story to seek the truth to better guide yourself to your true self. 


When our emotional safety is threatened we each have adapted to learn protective behaviors. However, these behaviors aren't always supportive or helpful. This lesson teaches you to recognize ways you protect yourself and how to upgrade those behaviors if you choose. 


Like any relationship there are certain patterns that are destructive. We speak to ourselves like an enemy, not having any compassion for our humanness. This lesson covers the 4 dangerous ways of speaking to yourself and provides tools to help your self talk embrace a voice you can be proud of. 


Our mind is powerful! It has the ability to guide us to live a life we love or suffer through the life we have. How much influence our mind has over our actions we get a say in. This lesson guides you to understand the different mindsets and how to navigate between them to build a strong mental foundation.


Like all relationships when we aren't kind the relationship suffers. We've been suffering and beating ourselves up from within not understanding the toll it takes. This lesson highlights the 4 communication patterns that destroy relationships and how to revise those patterns. 


True self care goes beyond eating well and moving your body to include 8 key categories in life. Each category requires attention and nurturing for us to thrive. this lesson helps clarify what true self care is, and helps you understand how to identify your care baseline and how to adjust to life's chaos. 


What we're capable of and what we BELIEVE we're capable of are 2 different things. When we don't believe in our own capacity we diminish our perceived value and create self fulfilling prophecies within. In this lesson learn how to reclaim authority over your life!


There are 3 emotional needs all humans have; love, safety, and belonging. Most misunderstand belonging and accept a synthetic version, fitting in. True belonging is something we hold within ourselves, for we must belong to ourselves FIRST. What does that mean? Find out in this lesson!


 We are evolutionary creatures, if they didn't serve us, they would've evolved out of us, but they haven't. Emotions act as an internal GPs, but we haven't been taught how to decode them. In this lesson learn to interpret the intentional action and move through emotional heat. 


The psychology that creates how we identify who we are is simple, not easy, but simple. We all have parts of ourselves we don't like, but that doesn't mean the part is worthless, they needs to be redirected. This final lesson teaches you how to shift parts of you that you don't like into the very person you wish to be!

Wait, I have some questions...

What My Clients Say 


 After working with Laura, my confidence truly went from what felt like 0 to 100, I am sticking to my goals, limiting beliefs that I had created about myself, avoiding people who don't improve my life and not feeling guilty about it. My stress and anxiety has been drastically reduced just from talking things out, understanding why and coming up with a game plan. If you're stuck or lost or just want to try something new to improve YOU - call Laura! You will not regret it.


Laura's presence in my life has been game changing. I am a business owner and Mother of 2. Laura has guided and coached me to be a better Mother, Leader and Spouse. Laura holds me accountable, challenges me beyond what I think my capabilities are and has had an impact on my life since the first day we met. I am fortunate to work with Laura, she has partnered with me to continue growing and improving my everyday life! She is committed and dedicated to her work and her Clients more than anyone I know.


A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Laura was just what I needed. Honest, supportive, energetic, smart, and deeply cares about health , nutrition, and her clients. I went into our first session with my demands on what I needed--which was a menu of what to eat to lose weight. Laura quickly educated me that she wasn't going to provide that, but what she would provide was an understanding of how to make the right choices and to understand the psychology of what, how, and why I made unhealthy choices. She truly was a Godsend to me.

What's Included

12 Recorded Lessons To Learn At Your Pace

This type of self discovery can be challenging for some. By having access to all the learning you can make sure you digest and apply the content before advancing.

Guided Worksheets

Knowledge without application does not produce growth. To ensure you apply the lessons that create the transformation you will be provided with worksheets to fill in. The worksheets are designed to open your mind to new possibilities which builds new neural connections.

Action Oriented Plan

Without a good plan, how do we move forward? Knowing how the mind seeks comfort, you will create a tailor made plan specific to you, that outline the keys to your successful transformation. Empowering you to know how to move forward when life presents you with challenges.

Private 1 on 1 Calls With Your Coach

In order to help you process the content and create the necessary mental shifts, you get special virtual meetings with your coach. Depending on your preference you can decide between 30 minute meetings or 60 minute meetings

Personalized Tool Kit

This isn't just any tool kit, it's a super powered tool kit. Inside you'll find resources to help transition your mind from who you are to who you want to be. Stocked with videos, podcasts, quotes and more tools to make success inevitable.

Unlimited Email Support

To aid in your private calls, gain access to your coach 24/7. Throughout the course you will encounter aha moments where the support of your coach can help create massive transformations.

Ready To  Invest in YOU?

But wait,  there's MORE!

Get everything already mentioned as well as these 4 extra bonuses!


What is confidence? In this course you find out. You will learn the foundation of your confidence, where it lies, where it can grow and how to cultivate a mindset that believes in what you are capable of rather than fearing how you might screw up. 



Everything we want is on the other side of our self sabotage. However, if we don't know how, when or why we self sabotage we can't change. this book lays out the ABC's of how to identify, understand and rewrite your self sabotaging habits for lasting behavior change.



Our personality creates our personal reality.However, our personality isn't just a display of our authentic nature. It also represents learned forms of protection that create suffering within our lives. Within this assessment you learn more about your authentic nature which is the first step to shedding the masks. 



When was the last time you took an HONEST look at yourself, your choices and how you're living your life? We get so swept up in our day to day hustle, we don't see how we are surrendering our greatest gift, our free will to live our life the way we want. This inventory is a non-judgmental space for you to look at who you are being and the life you're living and get a chance to align your lifestyle with the life you desire to experience. 


GET this REAL deal!

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