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corporate wellness coaching

Corporate Services

Welcome to Change By Challenge! We are here to help you transform your team and prevent burnout. Our corporate services are designed to bring positive change to your organization. With our expertise and innovative approach, we can help you overcome challenges and achieve success. Learn more about how we can help you.

Stress costs American employers approximately $300 billion per year.

51% of US workers are mentally “checked out” at work.


Companies spend around 75% of a worker’s annual salary to cover lost productivity or to replace workers.


For any business to thrive, the environment will always play a huge factor. Not just the work space or the people you work with, but what the business values and how people communicate around their work. A healthy culture is foundational for any business to grow. 

Creating a work culture that encourages and implements wellness takes action. It's not just about having a safety net for when things get tough. It's about investing in yourself and your people to prevent the downfall that accompany hard times.

That's where we come in. We like to approach cultural wellness with you and your specific business in mind. Within each company we work with, we personalize our approach to the specific challenges you experience and give your employees the tools for how to approach their work and their life feeling more capable, more confident and more motivated. 

How It Works...

Step 1
  • Identify the challenges within your business

  • Recognize the areas of growth

Step 2
  • Set up a call to discuss your challenges and review which type of service(s) is best for your needs

Step 3
  •  Finalize your specialized program

  • Get started!

Types Of Services

employee wellness solutions


Our workshop is more than just a learning experience—it's a commitment to transforming your organization's approach to wellness. By proactively supporting your employees, you will not only improve their quality of life but also boost productivity, engagement, and overall job satisfaction.

  • Promote Mental Resilience: Learn techniques to combat stress, enhance mindfulness, and support mental health initiatives in the workplace.

  • Cultivate a Healthy Work-Life Balance: Master the art of setting boundaries and encouraging habits that balance work demands with personal care.

  • Foster a Supportive Culture: Develop an organizational culture that values and prioritizes well-being, empathy, and mutual support.

  • Implement Effective Wellness Programs: Design and execute wellness programs that resonate with employees and drive sustainable change.

sustainable life change

Experiential Mindset Application

We understand that for businesses to thrive, they need teams who can not only grasp new principles but also seamlessly integrate them into their everyday work practices. We go beyond traditional learning models to emphasize the 'how' of learning. We help your employees bridge the gap between knowledge and action, ensuring that the information they receive becomes the innovation you see. When employees can apply new principles, the abstract becomes tangible, and concepts turn into actions that drive progress. 

  • Enhanced Skill Retention: Learning by doing cements knowledge. Practicing new skills in context means they are retained more effectively and recalled more readily when needed.

  • Immediate Impact: By applying new principles directly to their work, employees create value instantly, turning theory into practice and strategy into outcome.

  • Fosters Innovation: A workforce skilled in application is better equipped to innovate. When employees experiment and implement what they learn, they pave the way for breakthroughs.

  • Boosts Morale and Empowerment: Employees who can apply their learning feel more confident and empowered, catalyzing a proactive attitude and greater job satisfaction.

  • Competitive Advantage: An adaptable team that can swiftly apply new principles maintains a competitive edge, keeping your business at the forefront of industry advancements.

Life coaching

Quarterly Coaching

In the fast-paced world of business, teams often find themselves in a reactive state, addressing issues as they arise. However, the true difference-maker is a strategic and preventative approach to their growth and well-being—a philosophy that underpins our quarterly coaching support. With quarterly coaching, issues are managed before they become crises, change is embraced rather than feared, and teams are resilient, prepared, and driven. This is the difference our quarterly coaching commitment can make.

  • Preventative Problem-Solving: Stay ahead of the curve by identifying potential challenges before they escalate. Our coaches work with your team to anticipate hurdles and co-create strategies for overcoming them, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

  • Sustained Momentum: Quarterly check-ins maintain the forward thrust of your team's efforts, reinforcing successes, and integrating learning experiences to ensure ongoing motivation and focus.

  • Strategic Alignment: Align your team's goals with your organization's vision. Consistent coaching reinforces this alignment, ensuring that every quarter is met with purposeful action that drives your business forward.

  • Cultural Cohesion: Forge a strong team culture rooted in shared success and collaboration. Regular coaching nurtures a sense of unity, belonging, and mutual respect that permeates throughout the team.

  • Tailored Support: Each team is unique; our coaches tailor their approach to the specific needs and dynamics of your team, delivering personalized guidance that resonates and produces results.

Business Meeting

Personalized Retreat

Welcome to an unparalleled opportunity to enrich the lives of your employees and the health of your organization with a personalized life coaching retreat. Deliberately crafted for those who seek not just growth but transformation, our retreats are the cornerstone for building a resilient and harmonious work environment. Our personalized life coaching retreats are not just a retreat from the office; they are a strategic advance towards a more mindful, cohesive, and productive team dynamic.Through an immersive journey of learning, applying, and transforming, we offer an interactive sanctuary for your team to:

  • Develop Robust Coping Mechanisms: Learning to manage stress and build resilience leads to reduced absenteeism, a more engaged workforce, and an overall healthier company culture.

  • Nurture Creativity and Innovation: A retreat offers the space for reflection and openness to novel ideas, sparking innovation and creativity that will benefit your organization.

  • Enhance Interpersonal Relationships: Shared experiences foster stronger connections, improved communication, and increased collaboration amongst team members.

  • Increase Employee Satisfaction and Retention: Demonstrating a commitment to employee wellbeing can significantly boost morale, job satisfaction, and loyalty to the company.

Ready To Take Your Team To The Next Level...

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