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Hi, I'm Sophia

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My Story

Hi, I’m Sophia, master certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and master certified Healthy Love and Life Coach. I'm also a teacher, speaker, and author of the inspirational book, Secrets of the Empowered Woman - Create the Healthy Love and Life You Want and Deserve, and the creator of over 25 relaxing and empowering guided meditations. I help women who are feeling the stress of life challenges or struggling with their health, weight or relationships to uncover the deeper root causes of their challenges, so they can overcome them with the power of their mind, heart and spirit, and achieve lasting success with their wellness, weight loss, relationship or life goals.
Tailored to your specific needs and desires, my unique and empowering, women’s wellness coaching system, The Love Heals Method, focuses on self-love and self-empowerment, and the interconnection between your physical, emotional, mental, and relationship health, to bring you real and lasting results and transformation in every area of your life. This system will teach you how to embody and align with your Empowered Woman Within – your true, authentic powerful self - to help you create the health, wellness, love and happiness you want from the inside out.


With 20 years of health, love and life coaching experience, and over a dozen different wellness and life coaching certifications, including The Wellness Inventory, a unique, holistic 12-dimension health coach training model, approved by the NB-HWC (National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches), I’m passionate about coaching and empowering women to create the health, relationships and lives they truly want and deserve.


This lifelong passion began early in my life when as a young girl I began struggling with my health and weight, emotional eating, physical pain, fatigue, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, low self-esteem, a stressful home life, and my parents eventual divorce. My desire to help others with their health, life and well-being was further intensified and ignited when while still struggling with my own challenges as a young woman in college, I experienced the tragic loss of my mother to cancer, despite my doing everything I possibly could to help her during her long and painful four-year illness.


My own holistic healing journey combined with what I saw happen to my mother as I was growing up taught me that being healthy required more than a healthy diet and exercise, as vitally important as those things are. I learned that our health is not separate from the rest of our life, including the health of our relationships and that everything is interconnected…body, mind, heart and soul.


This passion and desire to help others throughout my entire career path eventually led me to the Optimum Health Institute, an internationally known holistic body-mind-spirit healing retreat center, where I worked for 15 years as a health and wellness coach, life coach and teacher, coaching thousands of men and women from around the country and world who came to the Institute seeking holistic wellness and life transformation.


While working at the Institute, I realized that underneath all of the many different specific reasons why women came to me for coaching support, such as life threatening or chronic illness, mental health challenges, stress, burnout and fatigue, weight loss challenges, relationship or life challenges, there was a common, underlying core theme - a lack of self-love and a need for more self-empowerment. This inspired me to start my own part-time private coaching practice exclusively for women, The Love Heals Method, and the rest is history.
As a very compassionate, empowering and intuitive coach, it is my deepest desire and my passionate life purpose to help as many women as I possibly can to fully own and align with their true power within, so they can create the health, wellness, inner peace, love and happiness they desire, from the inside out. I would be honored to be your coach and supportive guide as you travel along your unique wellness, love and life journey. Whatever challenges you are going through now, know that you are never alone, that I would be happy to support you, and that you have the power within you to not only overcome any obstacle or challenge you may be facing, but to become an even stronger, wiser, more resilient and more powerful woman because of it!

Next Steps:

Book a call to learn more about the limiting beliefs that hold you back, ways you self sabotage, how stress affects your desired results, and what we can do about it! 

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