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 Living with Purpose & Overcoming Burnout with Dr. Brenna Squires (Part 1)

In this episode, Laura talks to clinical psychologist, Dr. Brenna Squires, who specializes in helping high-achieving professionals reduce stress and anxiety.

Dr. Brenna shares her experience recognizing burnout symptoms and overcoming it through self-care and boundaries.

Self-improvement isn't one-size-fits-all with Daicy

Today is extra special because we've got Daicy, one of my amazing clients, here to share her journey and discuss why coaching might be a better fit for some folks than traditional therapy.
Daicy started coaching in August during a transitional phase in her life. She'd previously tried therapy, but this time, she was looking for something action-oriented and results-driven.

She mentioned how coaching delves into aspects like the inner child, which she never explored in therapy. It's all about everyday life and personal narratives. Finding the right fit, be it a therapist or a coach, is vital.

Embracing Vulnerability: The Power of Asking for Help

In this podcast episode, we embark on a journey exploring a topic that resonates deeply with many – the challenge of seeking assistance when needed.


Our discussion revolves around several key points, emphasizing the misconception that just because we can tackle tasks independently, it doesn't imply we should. We delve into the discomfort associated with reaching out for help, often rooted in feelings of vulnerability and inadequacy.


The episode highlights the significance of self-awareness regarding one's capacity and the courage to seek support when necessary.


We dissect the Either-Or Trap, contemplating the discomfort we choose – balancing the vulnerability of seeking help against the potential stress and burnout of trying to manage everything alone. Ultimately, we explore the healing power of connection, underscoring that it takes bravery to ask for help and acknowledging that only the courageous take that step.

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