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In this episode, we're tackling the essence of challenges. How we react to setbacks reflects our character. Challenges are an integral part of life. Embrace them, don't evade them. Building resilience and growth through challenges is key. Facing problems enhances problem-solving skills. True courage arises from testing circumstances. Accept that challenges are inevitable.

Are Your Values Holding You Back?

We all have a foundation of values that guide our life. However, when they were formulated doesn't always align with our current culture. For example, internet changed a lot about our world, but some of us haven't updated our values to align. When this happens it can cause us to live outside of our values unintentionally. How do you realign with your values.... listen to this episode 


NOBODY likes to feel uncomfortable, but that doesn't actually change whether we experience it or not. Life is full of ups and downs and despite our best attempts to control them we inevitable are faced with discomfort. However, our mindset around discomfort is actually making our experience worse. Tune in to learn more about how to transition your mindset and reduce your discomfort. 

Embracing The Power Of Change

Let's face it change is uncomfortable...but it's also inevitable. What impact we have is in HOW uncomfortable we make the experience. The more we resist the inevitability of it, the more we suffer. Instead, we need to see that there's another option. Another way to face it, one that gives you your power back....doesn't that sound better?

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