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4 Weeks of Workouts

Whether you're looking to spice up your workout routine or just getting started, these 4 Full-Body workouts will have you sweaty and pumped with endorphins.

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Week 2 = 3-2-1 Workout

Listen to the form cues, and do what feels best in the body, whichever option feels the most activation. This circuit is a little different! You are going to do 2 exercise for 12 minutes and try and get as many sets in as you can. Then move onto the next 2 exercises.

First Round= 12 Min

Front-Back Cross Plank Tap

10 Reps 

Sumo Squat + Tip Toes

20 Reps 

Second Round= 12 Min

Mountain Climbers

20 Reps/Leg 

Squat Jumps

20 Reps 

Third Round= 12 Min

Quad Push Ups

15 Reps 

Lunge + Glute Kickback

20 Reps 

Fourth Round= 12 Min

1 Leg Hip Thrust

15 Reps/Leg 

V Ups

20 Reps 

Fifth + FINAL Round= 12 Min

Bear Cross Kick

10 Reps/Side 

Marching Hip Bridge

20 Reps/Leg 

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