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What Are You Interested In?


Personal Training, which you're likely more familiar with, but how I train isn't like everyone else. Personal Training with me is about educating you on how to care for your body through the good days and the bad. You won't get bored with your workouts, because variety is my specialty. My top 2 priorities are your form, to keep you safe and your pleasure, to develop a lifelong commitment because it brings you joy making consistency inevitable.

Coaching works on your mind to help change how you think about yourself and your desired result. Coaching provides lifelong results by changing the neural chemistry in your brain to think in alignment with your desired result and end self sabotage. We will break your limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in fear and stress in order to boost your self-efficacy. Everything about us starts at the mind, coaching is where we treat the cause not the symptom for profound transformation. 



Forget Everything And Run 
Face Everything And Rise. 


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Remember when recess used to be your favorite class in school? I like to think of working out like recess...for adults! When you work out with me, you can expect a variety of exercises that will give you a better understanding of how your body works so you can lose weight - all while having fun!

BUT THERE'S MORE! Because I'm also a Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach, I understand the in's and out's of the body. You won't just learn how to move your body efficiently, but you will gain extensive nutritional knowledge as a well as a deeper understanding about how our hormones influence our cravings and results! 



Form is SUPER important. You can expect to understand how to move your body and keep it safe and what not to do. As well as understand how to adjust your form and body if something feels off.


Variety is key when it comes to moving your body because we move our body in a variety of ways. I diversify how we build muscle, your work and rest, number of sets, and more. You won't get bored!


When it comes to being healthy & weight loss we can't get the results you want without addressing nutrition. Key part of the process is meeting you where you're at and building into a healthy eating lifestyle.


An action plan is intended to organize your healthy habits and focus you on what's most important. It's your life so you lead me through what's realistic for you to commit to.


Flexibility is key, not only in your body but in your life. I will guide you on how to care for your body in & out of a workout and how to manage any injury you might face. But also help you navigate the hurdles of life so your fitness always has a place.

Kettlebell Workout

1-on -1

In-Home Training

60 min = $100 

30 min = $50 

4 Sessions

(60-minutes each) = $350


4 Sessions

(30-minutes each) = $175




60 min = $85

30 min = $45

4 Sessions

(60-minutes each) = $300

4 Sessions

(30-minutes each) = $160

Online Zumba Lesson

12 Week

Workout Program



24 Recorded Videos

Form Cues

Regressions + Progressions

Guided Instructions

Work/Rest Timer


Practicing Yoga



Laura is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body, how it moves, what works and what doesn't, and how food and exercise impact our overall well-being. I have had major back injuries over the years and she has worked with me through each episode, making sure I could continue my training, stay strong, and recover. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. She's incredibly talented at tailoring training sessions to each particular person and she genuinely cares about everyone she trains. I have been working with Laura for many years, and over that time she has become more than just a trainer. She is family.


"I’ve worked with Laura for almost four years and continue to do so because, at the core of our relationship, there’s someone that not only has an extensive knowledge of the body, its muscles and what to work on to get results, but someone who understands me and what I need to be motivated. Laura is extremely emotionally intelligent and knows when I want to have my butt kicked, like when we trained for my wedding or when showing up was enough of a challenge. In both scenarios, she was able to quickly adapt our workouts to focus on what we needed to. She’s a great coach and one that pushes me to achieve my personal best!"

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Coaching is the process of deprogramming your mind and reprogramming your mind to align with the life you want to live. By utilizing NLP (neuro-linguistic process), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), Mindfulness Intervention, Appreciative Inquiry and more we're able to connect new neural networks and through repetition implement them as your primary activating networks. In layman's terms, by strategically helping your brain activate differently, we can rewire how you naturally think. 

Coaching feels similar to therapy, with 1 key difference....we go beyond understanding. As someone who has been in therapy and has mad respect, personally I believe depending on what you want, coaching is more impactful. Coaching looks to the future to help you understand HOW to change and what change feels like. Be able to callout self sabotaging behaviors and change your limiting beliefs once and for all. 

Explaining coaching, is always challenging, it's something better experienced, so if you sign up for a call today you'll get 75% off.

However, my favorite way of explaining coaching is, it's the bridge we build between where you are in your life and where you want to go. 

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How we think lays the foundation of our life experience. We have about 70K thoughts in a given day and 95% are repetetive. In order to change our repetetive thoughts I will give you tools on how to challenge and rewrite your internal script. 


We are emotional creatures, but many of us were taught solely to name our emotions, leaving unaware of how to soothe ourselves in a healthy way. Emotions true purpose are to motivate us. We will work to help you understand how to decode your emotions and get the motivational action  


Our limiting beliefs, are the source of our thoughts. They highlight how we understand the world, but a lot of those understandings were established as a child. I will teach you the 6 step process of how to change your beliefs to align with your authentic self. 


Stress is a part of life, but similar to how we handle our emotions, we just name it and think we're stuck. We're not! You will learn what your main stress response is and why it comes up based on what you believe. We will create a stress scale which will arm you with the awareness and tools necessary to soothe yourself. 


We get addicted to who we are, as in our body's hormonal releases which influence our emotions and mind. We get caught in a loop of comfort based on previous life experience and end up abandoning ourselves to be commanded by our ego. By noticing and then activating different parts of the brain we can get you back in the command seat, controlling your life. 


Acceptance is the first step to true change. We misunderstand acceptance, thanks to our saboteurs. We fear that if we accept, we're approving, but really we're accepting our humanity. To be human is to make mistakes. You won't like what you don't like, but you'll end the war within. Acceptance is a prerequisite to change, but you don't have to like it


In order to protect ourselves as children we adapted our psychology to feel safe. AS we've grown many of these protective mechanisms have transformed into ways we sabotage ourselves. By identifying your saboteurs we can go through a mental reorg, allowing all the parts that protect you to remain, but stop working overtime so you stop sabotaging yourself and your happiness. 


Our brain are problem solving devices. However, when left to its own devices it navigates to our primitive tendencies constantly seeking threats. By strengthening mental muscles like curiosity, compassion, courage, and focus, you can reclaim authority within your mind and guide your mind to solve the problems you want it to solve.


How do you know when you need a break? What do you experience when you need time to heal?Most of us weren't taught how to identify when we have a need, let alone how to satisfy us. It leaves us resorting to eating, social media, or other substances.....numbing rather than soothing. Through our work you'll grasp the depth of your needs AND how they communicate with you. 


Most of us have heard of budgeting our money, but have you ever thought of budgeting your energy? Many people aren't aware of what elements in life sap their energy and what elements boost their energy. Through experimenting in your life you'll gain insights into the foods, activities, tasks, and people that generate or drain your energy so you know how to charge yourself up!


Food is a necessity in our lives, but we've been conditioned to think of food as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. Culture has set us up to FAIL in our health because what they preach and how it's preached is geared towards us being a consumer, rather than our true health needs. I will teach you the foundational 4 tools you can rely on FOREVER to always know how to lose weight and nourish your body 


What we like about habits is once they're built we can count on them to be consistent in our lives. How we create habits and what we've been told doesn't explain what to expect while we are creating habits. What isn't addressed, is the physiological and mental discomfort we must endure because creating new habits also means getting rid of our old ones. Unstoppable habits are built through awareness, mindfulness and with you at the command seat in your mind. 


"There's not enough time." How many of you have had that thought? Almost everyone! WE grew up in a culture with a scarcity mindset blaming time as the culprit for our lack of productivity but it's not about time. Blaming time is our saboteurs way of discharging the uncomfortable emotions we experience when we don't get it all done. Through our work you will learn you true capacity and how to befriend time to be part of your support system rather than what's holding you back. 


Learn who you really are. We typically understand ourselves through the narratives of others NOT understanding they are viewing us through their comfort, not our true reflection. We generate doubt constantly because we don't have confidence in who we are and what makes us worthy! Through our work we will create an abundance of confidence where you'll know how to trust yourself, your values and your intuition. While also being able to hear the challenge of doubt and move forward with conviction. 


1-on-1 coaching is tailored specifically to what you need and what you struggle with. What I have learned is that for lasting results in our life and in our health we must start at the mind. With over 12 certifications ranging from body mechanics, mindset coaching, health coaching, life coaching and more I believe to truly be healthy we have to address the whole person. 

By working with me you agree to be brave, to face the discomfort of change with compassion, to show up even when it goes wrong, to make different decisions in order to get different results  and celebrate vivaciously when you see progress. If you can do that, then I encourage you to book a call to see what my approach would be for you. 

*Book now and get 75% off*



Laura has exceeded my expectations for a Life Coach and has guided me through my own healing journey the last 4.5 months. I didn’t know what to expect when I started coaching but I certainly didn’t see myself where I am today. Laura is honest, encouraging, supportive and patient. She doesn’t leave anything on the table for me to “figure out myself” and is able to help me make sense of feelings I have when I can’t articulate or understand them on my own. She challenges me by asking questions that dig deeper into who I am and help reveal my limiting beliefs so I can begin working on eliminating the beliefs that do not support who I am or the things I want to do. I found Change by Challenge/Laura during one of my lowest moments and I remember how hard it was for me to speak clearly during our consultation because I was not in a good mental state at that time. Now, I am almost 5 months into working with Laura and I’m so much more confident, I’m able to voice my opinion comfortably, I’m finding happiness within myself and I have healthier coping mechanisms to lean on when I am having a bad moment. I am extremely grateful for Laura, she has guided me in changing my life and becoming the person I want to be.


I knew I wanted to better myself but I didn't know if I wanted to go the therapy route or life coach route and I am so happy that I chose the route of finding a life coach. I have been working with Laura for the last 9 months and she has been absolutely incredible. I was at a point where I was learning how to be a wife, a mom and a full-time employee. I had lost confidence in myself and was consistently personally attacking everything about ME because I was stretched so thin and felt like I was failing. After working with Laura, my confidence truly went from what felt like 0 to 100, I am sticking to my goals, limiting beliefs that I had created about myself, avoiding people who don't improve my life and not feeling guilty about it. My stress and anxiety has been drastically reduced just from talking things out, understanding why and coming up with a game plan. If you're stuck or lost or just want to try something new to improve YOU - call Laura! You will not regret it.


I have been working with Laura for a year and a half now. I began as a personal training client before transitioning to a coaching client. For me this was the greatest change I could have never predicted! I have been able to dig into my past and current self to begin to understand what has actually been holding me back in my health journey. Shocker it is has little to do with my workout habits, but I would have never been able to figure this out without Laura’s coaching. I have been working on gratitude and appreciation to improve not only my mental health but my physical health as well. Laura has introduced me to not only a better lifestyle but also a nutritional path that has improved various aspects of my life. I have more energy, less anxiety, and improved gut health! While it was never the main focus of our journey, I am also down 40 pounds since I began working with Laura in January 2020. I could not recommend Laura or the program more!

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