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Join Nutrition 101 to redefine your relationship with food so you can understand how to nourish your body better! 

Get the ball rolling and add purpose to your food choices. Know how what you eat helps build you up!



Is this for me?

Do you struggle to understand how to eat to take care of yourself and your body? There are so many messages about which "diet" is best. The truth, none of them. Diets imply a deadline, which means when you're done with the diet, you gain the weight back. 

NO MORE! This course is intended to arm you with the necessary knowledge to understand what food is doing for you so you can eat with purpose. Understand why you eat what you eat, and how to eat for the lifestyle you live. 

By joining Nutrition 101 you will understand how to truly fuel your body for its needs. You will be able to;

  • Understand why you're eating what you're eating

  • Prepare meals according to your families fuel needs

  • Detect sneaky food industry tricks to avoid that keep you and your loved ones healthy 

  • Find clarity in choosing ingredients

  • Understand how to balance food that leads to weight loss

  • Have confidence in a HEALTHY relationship with food

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1


In this lesson learn how to build your plate for a happy tummy. Besides the desire to enjoy the taste of food, our body has certain nutritional requirements. Ditch the counting and learn how to look at your plate for a happy gut.

Lesson 2


Carbs get a bad name from culture. All we hear is cut your carbs. What they don't tell you is the only reason cutting carbs helps lose weight is due to the water retention per gram. That's why we gain weight back after we lose it. Learn how to live with carbs in a healthy balanced way. 

Bagel Shop

Lesson 3


We don't like the word, but the value fat provides in our body is crucial for repair and growth. Thinking about fat transactionally reduces our bodies ability to use fat optimally. Learn ALL the ways that fat enhances our body and how to choose the right fat for you.

Lesson 4


Protein is essential to lose weight and build strong muscles. However, when we think of protein we typically think of meat. Meat is 1 form of protein, but protein is much more dynamic. In this lesson, redefine how you build protein into your plate in a way that serves you and your needs best. 

Grilled Beef
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Lesson 5


Whoa, food labels are confusing! A bunch of numbers and percentages, but what do they mean? This lesson is geared to break down all the confusion and give you the tools to understand what everything means and what you need to pay attention to. 

Lesson 6


The last piece of the puzzle is how we THINK about food. How we think creates a power dynamic. Coupling all the knowledge obtained during this course you will have all the tools you need to think differently and redefine your relationship with food. 

Let's Get Down To Business


  • 6 pre-recorded lesson videos that breaks down the fundamentals of nutrition

  • Each nutrition 101 session introduces a new content, celebrates your progress, helps you break through roadblocks, and gives you clear next steps

  • Sessions provide a sense of coaching, support and accountability which will give you what you need to find lasting change

  • Helpful handouts to complete that help jumpstart you into action 

  • Access to the Nutrition 101 Facebook Group for additional support and accountability 

  • Post-session online reflection form, per session, to lock in the learning and clarify the key takeaways

  • Weekly reminders to help you stay on track

  • 24/7 email support to make success inevitable

Hear What My Clients Have To Say

I have been working with Laura for a year and a half now. I began as a personal training client before transitioning to a coaching client. For me this was the greatest change I could have never predicted! I have been able to dig into my past and current self to begin to understand what has actually been holding me back in my health journey. Shocker it is has little to do with my workout habits, but I would have never been able to figure this out without Laura’s coaching. I have been working on gratitude and appreciation to improve not only my mental health but my physical health as well. Laura has introduced me to not only a better lifestyle but also a nutritional path that has improved various aspects of my life. I have more energy, less anxiety, and improved gut health! While it was never the main focus of our journey, I am also down 40 pounds since I began working with Laura in January 2020. I could not recommend Laura or the program more!

Kaitlyn Christensen

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Laura was just what I needed. Honest, supportive, energetic, smart, and deeply cares about health , nutrition, and her clients. I went into our first session with my demands on what I needed--which was a menu of what to eat to lose weight. Laura quickly educated me that she wasn't going to provide that, but what she would provide was an understanding of how to make the right choices and to understand the psychology of what, how, and why I made unhealthy choices. She truly was a Godsend to me. I started working out everyday, and not the way I worked out in the past which was a burden to me. I started to just move my body. I also realized I didn't need to eat 6 small meals a day which is what I was taught to believe. She told me to listen to my body and that's what I did. If you are looking to make positive changes, get in touch with Laura. If for no other reason, she is someone everyone should know and have in their life. She is a blessing.

J.M. Gibbs

I knew I wanted to better myself but I didn't know if I wanted to go the therapy route or life coach route and I am so happy that I chose the route of finding a life coach. I have been working with Laura for the last 9 months and she has been absolutely incredible. I was at a point where I was learning how to be a wife, a mom and a full-time employee. I had lost confidence in myself and was consistently personally attacking everything about ME because I was stretched so thin and felt like I was failing. After working with Laura, my confidence truly went from what felt like 0 to 100, I am sticking to my goals, limiting beliefs that I had created about myself, avoiding people who don't improve my life and not feeling guilty about it. My stress and anxiety has been drastically reduced just from talking things out, understanding why and coming up with a game plan. If you're stuck or lost or just want to try something new to improve YOU - call Laura! You will not regret it.

Ashley Metzger

Laura has been incredible. I have been meeting with her for a few months now. When I started I was struggling with my relationship with food and my health but I didn’t even realize how much I was struggling mentally. Laura has helped me understand myself and my feelings, my struggles, my strengths, all of me, better than I ever have in my life. She is kind and understanding but she also challenges you when you need it. What I really love is how she focuses on all aspects of health, she doesn’t just push diet and exercise. Because of her guidance, I’m now craving healthier, balanced foods, but I’m also processing my emotions and not spiraling when mistakes happen. I honestly couldn’t recommend Laura more. If you’re truly ready to change and grow, Laura will be there to support and guide you. She’s amazing and I’m so thankful for her.

Larissa Larson

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