Ditch The Diet and Lose The Weight

Join the Stress Free, Healthy Me Team
and become your own health expert and embrace a healthy lifestyle that lasts! 

Embark on a journey to truly change your healthy habits and lose the weight FOR GOOD!


This is the program I’ve been dreaming of building! It is the ultimate package that will set you up for inevitable success taking your health to the next level!



The Stress Free, Healthy Me Team sets you up to be healthy without the stress (thus the name 😜) FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS!

Expert Guidance

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I've tried everything....How is this different?


Is this for me?

Do you struggle to find the motivation to follow through on your goals? Have you tried everything and still not seen the results you want? Would you love to feel empowered about your health without having to think about it?…


Don’t worry, you’re at the right place. I’ve spent the last several years designing this program for people in your exact situation.  

By joining this group, not only will you have a plan to ignite your motivation, you will know what to do daily to achieve your goals, including:  


  • Uplevel your mindset while being gently guided through a proven process  

  • Discover which foods and lifestyle habits sap your energy and replace them with ones that work better!

  • Learn how to reframe your thought process to make following through just a natural part of who you are 

  • Create a new and permanent relationship with food that works

  • Establish a step-by step plan to ignite your motivation making your success inevitable. 

  • Deepen your trust and reach a higher experience of accountability and continuous support with your TEAM

  • Identify the key habits necessary for you to be your healthiest self without having to worry about it 

  • Enjoy stepping into a new healthy version of you!

What You'll Learn

What is Healthy to You? 

We start off lesson 1 by really zoning in on what healthy is to you. With so many messages within society and our friends and families it's easy to adhere to what we "think we should look like."

 Today we cover ways to make being healthy fit in with your life and your schedule. You will learn different tips and tricks for meal prepping and dive into the digestive needs of our gut. We tend to rush from one thing to the next, leaving our gut unsatisfied and unfulfilled. This lesson teaches you why and what to do about it.

Prep For Success

Proactive Mental Visioning

. When we give ourselves space to process our fear and forgive what needs to be forgiven we can shift our mind to work for us. We can practice seeing the realistic future we can live within. But we must let go in order to move forward.

Empowered Choices

During this lesson we dive into understanding the macronutrients including what they do for your body so you can be purposeful when you eat. You will also learn 2 different mental patterns that are really important to set you up for success; empowered choice and your come from.

Nourishing The Whole Body 

This lesson sends your on your first decoding mission to understand why you self sabotage and how you might be using food as a solution to emotional or internal problems. This lesson we start shifting your attention internally to   navigating your behavior and give you tools to nourish all of your body needs.

Caring & Loving For You

Why does self care and self love matter....You will find out all about that in this lesson. At the heart center is how our thoughts affect our hormonal response and what that does to our system.  It's a foundational pillar of any successful weight loss plan, we have to accept ourselves where we are in order to make progress.




In this lesson I teach you how to reconnect with your body so you can FEEL your food. We never question when we need to use the restroom, but with food we get so caught up in thinking about it that we tend to overconsume or not give it the right nutrients.