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In collaboration with The Exceptional Woman Tour I will be speaking this  year's I Matter Global Virtual Conference. With top industry leaders, there will be talks on Awareness, Empowerment and Health. 

Get your ticket below. Be sure to use the code MYBLESSING on checkout for 50% off.




Get off the diet roller coaster for good! End emotional eating and truly lose the weight once and for all. This  12 lesson course you gain access to for life, gives you a simplistic method to follow to honor your health each and every day. No more counting calories, or weighing everything.  Reconnect and learn to trust your body to tell you what you need. BUT THERE'S MORE!!! To make sure the weight stays off for good, it also includes 8 mindset lessons to help you recalibrate and stop self sabotaging. If you're looking for a transformation, look no further! 

Educational Webinars

Don't know where to start? No worries, I got you! These webinars help educate you on a variety of topics ranging from;

-work/life balance

-kicking the sugar habit

-building confidence

-the behaviors required to be healthy

- how to refine your relationship with food

AND MORE! I am constantly adding new ones as I want to make sure my audience has tips and tricks to help support them no matter where they are on their journey. See which is event is right for you. 


Listen To My Episode On A Cup Of Positivity With Karen


Starting as a personal trainer, both Karen and I saw some of the challenges that limit people from TRULY being healthy. We want the quick fix, but health isn't quick. We look at the wrong criteria and shame ourselves when the outcome doesn't look the way we want it to. Health is about mind, body and spirit and Karen and I go in depth talking about what true health really encompasses. 

Listen To My Episode On The Healer Hub Podcast


Understanding HOW to be healthy isn't an easy math problem, it's quite complicated. In our podcast Host Anca and I discuss how to reconnect with yourself and heal through your mind and your body. We never question when we need to use the restroom, but we don't listen to so many other cues, why? Listen and learn! 


Let your mind relax and I'll do the work for you. Enjoy this 20 minute internal circuit workout. Learn the ABC's of each recipe so you can keep your body safe, before jumping in for a good sweat and burn! 

10 Day Sugar Detox

Join the Sugar Detox Coach to kick sugar cravings for good. This 10 day course walks you through day to day with extra support to slowly and surely remove the hold sugar has on you. Participants lose on average 8lbs in just a week by breaking the sugar addiction. AND using code Laura10 you save an additional 10% off on this very affordable cure to sugar! 


Join me every Thursday at 2:00PM EST on instagram where I discuss a range of topics from fitness, emotional intelligence, mental health, mindset and more. You have questions you want answered, send me a message below! 


Being Healthy is where I upload loads of tips and tricks for how to embody a state of BEING healthy. you'll find workouts, worksheets, and get access to me live every week! You want my free stuff, this is where you should join! 

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