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If It Doesn't Challenge You,

It Doesn't Change You.

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Are you ready for LASTING change?

Whether you want to;

Manage your stress

Regulate your emotions

Upgrade your mindset

Reclaim your sense of worth and create abundant confidence


you've come to the right place.


Care to whatever dissatisfactions you have in life with specialized attention and a program catered to your specific needs!

Running Group


Join a community and gain strength in numbers. Learn from others experience and have extra accountability!


Stress Management

When you experience low back pain, you likely interpret it as a cue that you need to go to the chiropractor or doctor. Yet when we experience stress, we ignore it and plow through. That’s our first mistake, stress is a signal and many of us don't know how to translate it. Stress is a part of life, I'm not going to change that.....BUT how we think of it plays a HUGE part in our experience. I work with my clients to recontextualize what stress represents in their life. I help them align their mindset to an understanding of the purpose of their stress. Allowing them to see the guidance within, rather than the suffering. Together we create scales and tools to lean on to transform your stress into decisive action.


At the center of all of our choices lies our minds. However, you might be walking around with outdated limiting beliefs, and thought patterns that keep you stuck. How we think creates our understanding of the world. It can work for us or against us.

Our mind works much like a thermometer. It is set to a specific temperature, and as soon as we try to adjust that mental temperature, our known patterns take over causing self sabotage. Most of us don't understanding the power we have to command our own mind. The work I do with my clients reshapes their mindset and forms new neural connections to align their mind with their desired life experience and who they want to be.  

Emotional Eating

Emotions are part of life, but man they can be heavy and hard to manage. Like many of you, I once used food to cope with these emotions. However, by doing so we create a destructive and repetetive shaming pattern within. Often people target as the challenge of their emotional eating, but for true change we need to look at the source; our emotions. Most of us grew up in a culture understanding emotions are bad for us or they are weak. What they really are, are messengers. Sent to communicate our needs and boundaries. They act as our internal GPS, guiding us to better care for ourselves. The work I do with clients reconnects them with the data within the emotional messengers, teaching them how to care for the need, rather than numb it with food.


How we think of ourselves and what we believe we are capable creates our experience. Through our upbringing we've adopted understandings of ourselves and our capabilities, but all those understandings were filtered through the limitations of others. We understand who we are from an outsider's perspective, when really we have the best seat in town. We are subconsciously limiting our life, using fear as an excuse to confirm these ideas. At the heart of our doubt is our lack of awareness to our true self. The work I do with my clients reconnects them to their authentic energy. To help them differentiate between authentic experiences and experiences coded through safety. I help them learn to embrace the unstoppable energy that lives in each and every one of us. 

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"Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of life. Failure comes when we shrink from them."

John C. Maxwell


Happy Woman


Laura is honest, encouraging, supportive and patient. She doesn’t leave anything on the table for me to “figure out myself” and is able to help me make sense of feelings I have when I can’t articulate or understand them on my own. She challenges me by asking questions that dig deeper into who I am and help reveal my limiting beliefs so I can begin working on eliminating the beliefs that do not support who I am or the things I want to do.

Happy Woman


Laura has helped me understand myself and my feelings, my struggles, my strengths, all of me, better than I ever have in my life. She is kind and understanding but she also challenges you when you need it. What I really love is how she focuses on all aspects of health, she doesn’t just push diet and exercise. Because of her guidance, I’m now craving healthier, balanced foods, but I’m also processing my emotions and not spiraling when mistakes happen. I honestly couldn’t recommend Laura more.

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