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As 2020 comes to a close (thank god) it’s the ideal time for reflection.

Because of COVID everyone learned a lot this past year. It forced us out of our comfort zones and into a whole different world full of anxiety and fear. And you know what…..WE DIDN’T LIKE IT!

But that’s not the point. Whether we like it or not doesn’t matter. Life isn’t happening for us to like it. It’s happening for us to experience it and grow from it. Oftentimes experiences that provoke anxiety or fear tend to be HUGE growing moments. The question you need to answer is,

How did you grow in the past year?


When forced to experience something as unpleasant as a global pandemic, most of us don’t want to think about it. We don’t want to reflect, because that means we might need to come face to face with some emotions or situations we’d prefer to avoid.

But when has avoidance ever really led to peace?

It’s tempting to write off this past year and blame COVID - but it was a whole year of our lives(!), and we ALL have changed. When you reflect, your mind will most likely go straight to the negative experiences of this past year first, right?

GREAT! This is an opportunity to learn about yourself! To learn how you deal with negative situations or troubles.

So take the first step and reflect back on 2020:

  1. How did you respond and react to different stressors you encountered?

  2. Consider how you would like to respond this upcoming year; think about how you would like to react differently in the future.

  3. Ask yourself, What needs to change in order to grow into the person who would respond in the way you prefer?

If you reflect and realize there were a lot of positives in the past year - GREAT! What went right? How were you able to experience that? How can you react and respond to create more of those positive moments in this coming year?


The truth is, YOU are the creator of your own reality.

You have ALL the power you need to adjust to the situation you’re in, AND make it an experience you can be proud of. By reflecting on previous years you will start to notice a trend which will help you understand what didn’t go well, and then you can come up with a plan to improve it.

A plan involves multiple steps broken down into small actions you can consistently complete. Don’t just say, “I want to lose weight.” Commit to yourself and show up for yourself so you can create the reality you want to experience.

Similarly, by reflecting on what has gone well, you accomplish two things: First, you show yourself that during a VERY challenging year you still found things that went well that you are proud of! Second, you’ll discover the mindset, habits, or actions you need to adopt moving forward to generate more positive experiences.


This is a whole new year! This is the Monday of all Mondays!

You are past all the holidays and have arrived in a new year where you get to choose the person you want to be.

This year, choose to be awake!

  • Invest in your health. That includes your mental health.

  • Develop a strong self-care plan that generates true love for yourself.

  • Deepen your understanding within yourself to help propel you to the greatest version of yourself that you have yet to see.

Build the necessary habits so you feel empowered to take care of yourself. Not because you don’t like your look or who you are, but BECAUSE YOU LOVE YOURSELF and you want to keep caring for the most important person in your life - YOU.

INVEST in yourself because you are the greatest investment you could ever make!

Create a REALISTIC plan and take ACTION.

Make 2021 the year of YOU!

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