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How do you notice energy? Are you aware of how things affect your energy or what energy you’re putting out?

The idea of “energy” can make people a little uncomfortable because it can be seen as a little “hippie dippy.” But energy is happening all around you daily. There are people and activities that affect your energy all day long. So doesn’t it make sense to take a look at WHY these things affect you at all?


Let’s consider laughter. Have you ever walked into a room where people are laughing and you find yourself smiling or even giggling, even if you don’t know why the others are laughing? That’s because laughter is contagious. Now consider the energy around laughter. Who has ever laughed and then felt really down? Nobody! That’s not what laughter does. Laughter brings out joy and positive energy.

How about people? Have you ever experienced spending time with someone and when you’re done you feel completely drained and exhausted? Or spent time with someone who makes you feel like nothing else matters when you’re around them - they just make things seem better or lighter? See, there’s a clear shift in energy based on the people you surround yourself with.

Now let’s look at activities. How do you feel when you are doing dishes or you have to attend a really long meeting you’re not looking forward to? Pretty down, right? Whereas when you get to play with your kids or take some time for yourself you feel more positive, right?

Every day our “energy stability” fluctuates based on what’s going on in our life at any given moment. Oftentimes people fall victim to their lives and feel like they don’t have a choice - but who told you that? Who said you don’t get a choice in how you build your life? Guess what? YOU DID.

COVID AND ENERGY By now you should understand that almost everything in your life affects your energy. Throughout COVID most of us have been in a negative energy cycle. Whether you’ve had to deal with loss, you live with someone who’s high risk so you’re scared to do anything, or you’ve had to mentally adjust to working at home, all the effects of COVID have affected how you experience energy (and mostly in a negative way).

So the question I have for you today is, do you want that negative energy cycle to continue?

We have really been thrown into the thick of it this year. Negativity is being thrown at us from many different corners making it hard to even want to get out of bed. So what can you do? The answer is to Be Aware. Start to notice what in your life is draining your energy and what in your life is lifting your energy. Try and minimize the elements that drain your energy and increase the elements that improve your energy.

Once you’ve looked at and evaluated the things you CAN control and how that energy impacts you, then it’s time to shift some attention to the elements that you don’t have as much control over.

For example, I’m not a big fan of chores. I don’t like to cook, but I enjoy being healthy. I don’t like to clean, but I like living in a clean home. I used to consider these activities as “adulting;” they’re just those things we need to do as an adult. BUT then I found a way to do them that doesn't make them feel so daunting or “chore-like:” when I cook, I put on my headphones and I have a mini dance party! Now I don’t mind cooking! Or when I clean, I listen to a podcast and it’s as if my mind is somewhere else and my body is taking care of the cleaning.

The point is, YOU HAVE OPTIONS! You don’t have to continue LETTING anything and everything affect your energy. Notice how you feel as you’re going about your day-to-day life and consider what things you could add to make it better. AND if you can’t add something to it, then add a Pattern Interruptor after. What that means is - if you need to attend a meeting that drains you and you can’t add in anything to make it better, add something after. Cue up a funny video or meditation to change your energy. That way you will only feel drained during the meeting, not for hours after.


COVID is dumping a lot of negativity on you. Nobody is going to make that better or alleviate the negative energy for you. YOU are the only who can decide that enough is enough! You’re going to start noticing how your energy is affected and that awakening will help you restructure your day to make the most during a really challenging time.

Invest in yourself and your happiness!

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